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Quick and easy 6-page laminated guide focuses on creating and using pivot tables efficiently and effectively in Excel. Whether you are a beginner or experienced user, pivot tables offer flexibility while doubling down on Excel's power. Curtis Frye, author of multiple books on Excel, creator of many LinkedIn Learning videos and an experienced corporate trainer uses his experience and knowledge to cover the most relevant use of pivot tables at different levels of complexity. As a corporate trainer, seeing what beginners need to start using pivot tables and what those with some pivot table skills can do to harness more power brings value to this targeted reference at an unbeatable price. Look for Excel 365 and Excel 365 Tips and Tricks QuickStudy guides to have a solid power-user reference set. Introducing PivotTables Glossary Creating & Pivoting PivotTables Arrange Data for Use in a PivotTable Create a PivotTable from an Excel Table, Data List or from External Data Create a Recommended PivotTable Refresh PivotTable Data, Update Cell References that Provide Data to a PivotTable Pivot a PivotTable, Defer PivotTable Updates Managing PivotTables Show or Hide the Field List, Expand & Contract Buttons, Field Headers Select an Entire PivotTable, Move it, Copy a Configuration, Delete a PivotTable Summarizing PivotTable Data Show or Hide Subtotals, Grand Totals Change the Data Field Summary Operation Change How PivotTable Data Values Are Displayed Summarize More than One Data Field Create, Edit, Delete a Calculated Field Use PivotTable Data in a Formula Display Data Source Rows Create an Excel table from a PivotTable Sorting & Filtering PivotTable Data Sort a Column of PivotTable Data into Ascending or Descending Order Custom Lists Filter a PivotTable Field by Selection, Rule, Using a Search Filter Slicers Filter a PivotTable Using Report Filter Fields Create Individual PivotTables Using Report Filter Values Clear a PivotTable Filter Using the Field List Pane Clear a Filter Using the Row or Column Labels, Clear All Filters Defining Sets of Values Define a Set Based on Row Items, on Column Items Display a Set in the Rows or Columns Area Edit a Set, Delete a Set Formatting PivotTables Apply a PivotTable Style Apply a PivotTable Style & Remove Existing Formatting Apply or Remove Headers & Banding Create a PivotTable Style Apply a Custom PivotTable Style Change the Data Field Number Format Change the PivotTable Layout Control Whether PivotTable Lables Are Repeated at the Top of Each Printed Page Determine How to Handle Blank Rows Creating & Manipulating PivotCharts Create a New PivotChart/from an Existing PivotTable Pivot a PivotChart Filter a PivotChart by Selection/by Rule Apply a Style to a PivotChart Change a PivotChart’s Layout/Chart Type Add a Trendline to a PivotChart Move a PivotChart to Another Worksheet/to a Chart Sheet Apply a Quick Layout to a PivotChart Add or Remove a PivotChart Element Apply a PivotChart Style, Change the Color Scheme Format a PivotChart Data Series, Format One Value in a PivotChart Data Series Add an Annotation to a PivotChart, Format a PivotChart Annotation Printing PivotTables Print a PivotTable, Print Headers at the Top of Each Printed Page Print Each Item on Its Own Page, Print a PivotChart Enabling & Adding Tables to the Data Model Create a Relationship between Two Tables Create a PivotTable Using the Data Model Work with a PivotTable Created Using the Data Model Edit a Table Relationship, Deactivate, Activate, Delete a Relationship Filtering PivotTables Using Timelines Create a Timeline Filter a PivotTable Using a Timeline Format a Timeline Clear a Timeline Filter Remove a Timeline Suggested uses: Workplace flat for easy storage and access at a moments notice to find the answer you need, or to jog your memory for a function you do not use often Company Training reduce help-desk calls and keep productivity flowing for a team or for your entire company Students/Professors make lives easier for students in many majors needing Excel for data management and calculation


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